Here at Gossip Girls Cleaning our aim is for you to benefit from our service. We have came up with a great service that will get your home into shape within a 1 day service

What is Clean Camp about your wondering ? The answer to that is all explained below

With Our new service Clean Camp it’s like detoxing your home removing all the clutter and re organising your items so your house is in number 1 shape

What is included:

1st Stage: We will sit down and talk to you about what your after and your needs. We then will walk through your home and explain how each section can be re organised to suit your life style better and make your life easier.

2nd Stage: We will bring in our experience team and start working Whether you put your feet up or join in,ONE thing we don’t do is remove anything without your approval and the process moves at your own desired pace if required.

3rd Stage: After Clean Camp is completed we then will give you a free basic clean to help you keep on track

4th Stage: Enjoy your new home

There is a payment plan for this offer if needed

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