All  GGC quotes are done over the phone based on the information you provide and the questions we will ask you

GGC have the right to change your quote when we arrive at the property if  details  are not correct at the time of your phone quote

GGC have the right to charge for extra services Eg, making beds,folding clothes, cleaning cupboards out.. ETC


When booking your service GGC can give the earliest time and day available and all  rescheduling  appointments  will be the same time and day as your 1st initial clean

We reserved the right to cancel your service or reschedule your service at anytime

If you require your service on a public holiday there will be an extra charge


All payments must be made by cash/bank deposit

New clients cash needs to be paid on the day

Within 2 working days after your final service


If your payment has not been received within the 2 day period there will be a late fee added onto your account of $10 for each week your payment has not been received


A 15% deposit must be made when booking your service the  price will be advised at the  time of your booking This will apply to End of lease cleans,Spring Cleans


There will be a $30 cancellation fee for a basic clean if not told with 24 hours

We GGC reserve the right to Non  refund your deposit for any other service that was booked in

If your cleaner  has no access to your property when they arrive there will also be a $30 fee charged as its your responsibility to make sure your cleaner  can gain access to your property

If you would like to organize a time to meet your new cleaner a $10 fee will be applied to help with travel expenses for that day


After your cleaner has finished your home they will ask you to check to make  sure your happy with there service  if you are not home at the time of your services and you are not satisfied you need to contact us within a 6 hour period

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